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Carpet Pythons by StarPythons

2. Purchasing a Carpet Python

2.1 Is a Carpet Python the "right" animal for me?

As with any pet, of course, the purchase of a carpet python should be considered very well, after all you take responsibility for another being. Even though terraristics are becoming increasingly popular and prejudices about these beautiful animals are beginning to break down, separating them from their once purchased python is usually a laborios process, as the circle of potential new owners is smaller than that of dogs and cats.
Therefore, before you buy a python, you should ask yourself the following questions, and answer them honestly (!):

- Do I want to take over this responsibility for a period of up to 20 years?
- Is this hobby compatible with my life planning (job, wedding, children)?
- Do I have enough space for a species-appropriate terrarium?
- Have I informed myself thoroughly about the running costs (electricity, food, veterinarian)?
- Have I sufficiently informed myself about the attitude ot the animals and their nature?
- Who can take care for the animal during illness or vocation?
- Does my environment agree that I feed mice and rats?

Unfortunately, it is experienced again and again that pet owners do not deal thoroughly  enough with the purchase of an animal, and then it is finally deported to the shelter or at worst even suspended. This injustice does not deserve any animal, so we can only urge our customers to engage thoroughly with this issues. If there is even the slightest doubt, it is the best to not purchase an animal.

2.2 Where should I buy my Carpet Python?

Basically you should, especially as a beginner in this hobby, buy directly from a breeder. On one hand you always have a contact person if questions or problems arise, on the other hand the origin of the animal is transparent and assignable. Breeders usually offer a "pick-up on site", where you can then convince yourself as a prospect directly of the quality of the breed and the condition of the parents and the stock.

In addition, reputable breeders are under constant and strict control ot the offices, because after all, strict conditions have to be fulfilled for the trade with vertebrates in Germany. So if a breeder has such a permit in accordance with the German Animal Protection Act and has completely reported its existence to the competent nature conversation authorities, this is a seal of quality for the quality ot the animals, which is guaranteed to come from a species-appropriate attitude.

If you want to buy an animal on a reptile market, then of course less the trade fair or stock exchange is of interest, as much more the individual trader or breeder from whom you get the animal. Finally, most professional and highly recommended breeders also have a booth at events such as the "Terraristika". One should refrain from buying dubious traders who apparently buy the animals of private individuals, only to then sell them on the stock market again. Here you have no transparency where the animals come from exactly and whether they are legal. In particular, from dealers from the East of Europe should be foreseen, as many black sheep are traveling here. Better spend a few Euros more, after all, this is about a living being, your future roommate.

Pet stores are another way to acquire a Carpet Python. Again, the origin of the animal certainly plays a role, which is why you should inquire about it. StarPythons also sends animals to wholesalers, which in turn supplies the pet shops. Regarding the advice you are of course dependent on a truly competent staff with relevant experience to push, or before visiting the pet shop already dealt with the topic and have to read. Thus one can judge directly whether the adviser has idea, or whether too many deviations to the readings are present. The bottom line is buying from the grower is always the safest and best option for every pet.

2.3 How can I inform myself comprehensively?

There are many sources of information these days that provide comprehensive information about Carpet Pythons and their care and attitude. You can get a rough overview already here on our homepage, which however can not and should not replace the acquisition of appropriate technical reading.

At the bottom of this page are the two specialized books available on the topic of diamond or carpet pythons, which I highly recommend to everyone. These should have been read weeks before the actual purchase and internalized! In addition, you will find on the internet various websites, forums and Facebook groups on all topics relating to the terraristic, including on carpet pythons. However, as with all information from the internet, you should exercise some caution here, because this information is transmitted unfiltered, and it is difficult to judge without proper experience whether everything is as correct as it is read. Therefore, do not save in the wrong place, and buy good, old books!



2.4 What must I pay attention to before purchasing?

Once you have answered all of the above questions, are fully informed about the care and maintenance of carpet pythons, and have found a breeder or other source to purchase the animal, it is essential to remember that the terrarium is already fully established and the terrarium technique must be checked and adjusted! It is not enough to buy a terrarium only on the day of purchase! Each terrarium should be tested for at least one week before emtying it, and then adjusted for temperature and humidity and checked using thermometers and hygrometers.

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