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Caramel Granite Carpet Python

Caramel Carpet Pythons

You want to Buy Caramel Carpet Pythons and looking for information about Caramel or animals we have for sale?
Then you came to the right place! On this page you will find background information on Caramel Carpet Pythons, some pictures of our animals and a small preview on Caramel Carpet Pythons that we have for sale.

Preview of Caramels and Caramel Combos for Sale:

Information about Caramel Carpet Pythons

The co-dominant Caramel color mutation has its origins in the Coastal Carpet Python, Morelia spilota mcdowelli. Caramel Carpet Pythons are characterized by the fact that they have a total, as the name suggests, a Caramel-brown appearance compared to Normal-colored animals, with different bronze and gold tones. The number of areas with dark pigments is significant reduced. If the animals get older, they can get a bit darker, but are still much brighter than, for example, Wild-colored Coastal Carpet Pythons. Especially in combination with other color mutations, so spectacularly beautiful outgoing Carpet pythons are created! In Caramels, as with many co-dominant color morphs, there is a Super-form, which leads to an even greater reduction of the dark pigments.

Photo Gallery

Below you can see an adult Caramel Zebra Carpet Python on the left and a Caramel Granite Carpet Python on the right. In the middle is one of the most popular animals from our breed, a beautiful brightly drawn Axanthic Caramel Jaguar. Colloquially sometimes referred to as "Ghost", which is actually wrong, as "Ghosts" describes the combination of Hypo and Axanthic.

Caramel Carpet Pythons and Caramel Combos:

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