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Morelia bredli - Bredls Python

Morelia bredli - Centralian Carpet Python

The habitat of Morelia Bredli, also known as the Centralian Python or Centralian Carpet Python, is located around Alice Springs in the south of the Northern Territory. Most Centralians can be found in the MacDonnell Range, but there have been sightings several hundred miles both north and south of the city, too. Their habitat consists of lower mountain ranges with lots of little caves and crevices, ideal places to hide. Bredlis can be also found in hollow trunks along rivers in the area.
Morelia bredli shows less variety in their appearance than other Carpet Pythons and usually are red-brown colored with some white to beige dots or banding. With an average size of 6.5ft - 8.5ft they are medium to large sized Pythons, but they still can be handled easily.

Our group of Bredlis breeds every year, so usually we have some nice Centralian Carpet Pythons available.

How we keep our Centralian Carpet Pythons / Bredlis:


Daytime Temperature 82° - 84° F
Spot / Heat Mat 98° - 104° F
Nighttime Temperature 73° - 77° F
Humidity 55%


Daytime Temperature 77° - 80° F
Spot / Heat Mat 91° - 95° F
Nighttime Temperature 68° - 73° F
Humidity 55%

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