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Carpet Python Care

Carpet Python Care

Since we have customers with very different backrounds, we decided to give you a quick overview about keeping Carpet Pythons. Don´t get us wrong, scientific books about Carpet Pythons are irreplaceable, so we won´t even try to compete with those. This is just a page to give you basic informations on how we keep our Carpet Pythons since 2007.

Maybe you´ll get a hint on how to do things better or how to make your life easier. But if you already have a system that is working for you, perfect, then you can just move on to our shop. Remember, never touch a running system. But if you just started to work with Carpet Pythons, or if you plan to do so, this page might be useful.

Myths about Carpet Pythons

The internet is great. We have the chance to get all the informations we are looking for. Sadly, most of these informations are written by people who don´t know anything...

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Keeping Carpet Pythons

Now that you know better than others about these myths regarding Carpet Pythons, you decided to get yourself the best snake out there! Congratulations! But what do you need...

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Feeding Carpet Pythons

Remember when I was talking about the feeding response earlier? Let´s talk about how great that is when it comes to the daily routines in working with Carpet Pythons...

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