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5. Breeding Carpet Pythons

On this page we would like to give you a little insight on the subject of breeding carpet pythons. Surely, many of you already had the idea to breed your own animals. But there are a few important things to keep in mind before starting a breeding project.

5.1 What should I do with my offspring?

I would like to start with the, from my point of view most important question. Many keepers are too careless to approach the topic of breeding. If the breed is successful, then suddenly you are no longer only responsible for two carpet pythons. Suddenly you have to take care for 15-20 baby carpet pythons!

What do you want to do with these offspring? Do you have enough space for these many, additionally needed tarrariums? Are you aware of the associated costs? Do you have any experience with the care of newly hatched baby pythons?

All these questions should urgently be clarified in advance, after all, this is about living animals and a lot of responsibility!
Please do not make it too easy to "just sell" 15-20 or even more carpet pythons. There is a lot of competition in the market, so you have to spend a lot of time and effort on advertising and promoting your animals. However, this also means that you must be prepared to raise and care for the animals for months or even years. If the offspring grows, you will need larger terrariums. Many hobby breeders underestimate these things and ultimately try to sell their own offspring by lowering prices over and over again. This approach is completely unacceptable from my point of view, since animals never should become junk objects. A reasonable price prevents offspring from being bought by dubious people who may not have been properly versed or busy with the animal, but only buy it because it was "cool" and "cheap".

However, anyone who invests serveral hundred or even a thousand Euros in his dream snake, as a rule, will have thought very thoroughly about the purchase of an animal before. You do not necessarily have to breed just because you keep carpet pythons of diffrent gender! And if you get an unplanned clutch, then you don´t need to necessarily breed the eggs!
It may surprise you to read some of these "hard" words, but we receive several monthly inquiries about whether or not we want to buy animals because too many people are still not dealing with the above questions.

If you are not sure whether you should breed your animals or not, then feel free to contact us and send us a message via the contact form. We will advise you, openly and honestly!

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