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Jaguar Carpet Python

Jaguar Carpet Pythons

You want to Buy Jaguar Carpet Pythons and looking for information about Jaguars or animals we have for sale?
Then you came to the right place! On this page you will find background information on Jaguar Carpet Pythons, some pictures of our animals and a small preview on Jaguar Carpet Pythons that we have for sale.

Preview of Jaguars and Jaguar Combos for Sale:

Information about Jaguar Carpet Pythons

The co-dominant Jaguar mutation was found in Coastal Carpet Pythons, Morelia spilota mcdowelli, in a private collection in Norway. The morph is distinguished by a massive reduction of the pattern and dark pigments, what gives the Jaguar Carpet Python a bright yellow appearance. When combined with other mutations the results can be stunning, especially with all the Axanthic morphs. Sadly the Jaguar trait is connected with neurological problems, so some animals will show uncoordinated movement in general or wobble with their heads. Luckily this does not necessarily affect their health-related quality of life and is usually no problem at all. You should be aware of this condition, especially because it could be misinterpreted as a severe disease.

Photo Gallery

In the gallery below you can see an Axanthic Jaguar Carpet Python on the left, followed by a Diamond Jungle Jaguar, a combo of three different subspecies: Morelia spilota cheynei (Jungle Carpet Python), Morelia spilota spilota (Diamond Python) and of course Morelia spilota mcdowelli (Coastal Carpet Python. On the larger picture on top of this page you can see a more detailed photo of the same Diamond Jungle Jaguar Carpet Python.

Of course StarPythons always has a huge selection of Jaguar Carpet Pythons for sale.

Jaguar Carpet Pythons and Jaguar Combos:

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