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Axanthic Jaguar Carpet Python

Axanthic Carpet Pythons

You want to Buy Axanthic Carpet Pythons and looking for information about Axanthic or animals we have for sale?
Then you came to the right place! On this page you will find background information on Axanthic Carpet Pythons, some pictures of our animals and a small preview on Axanthic Carpet Pythons that we have for sale.

Preview of Axanthics, het Axanthic and Axanthic Combos for Sale:

Information about Axanthic Carpet Pythons

Axanthism, the lack of yellow pigmentation, is a simple recessive mutation that was first seen in Coastal Carpet Pythons, Morelia spilota mcdowelli. In the United States and Europe we also have Axanthic Irian Jaya Carpet Pythons, Morelia spilota harrisoni, often called „Axanthic IJs“. In Australia there is a line of Axanthic Jungle Carpet Pythons, Morelia spilota cheynei, but since it is not possible to export pythons from „down under“, they are not available outside of Australia. Due to the lack of yellow and red colours, Axanthics have a black and white or silver-grey appearance. Especially when combined with other mutations, the results can be breathtaking. Axanthic Jaguar Carpet Pythons, for example, will often show large areas of silver-white base colours, only disrupted by a few black markings. Axanthic Super Zebras have a grey basic coloration with no pattern at all. The co-dominant Zebra morph will produce patternless animals in the super form, usually yellow in pure Jungles, Morelia spilt cheynei, but together with axanthism the results are those spectacular animals you can see below. Axanthic Super Zebras are very interesting for other breeding projects, as any Axanthic Super Zebra bred to an Axanthic will produce 100% Axanthic Zebras.

Photo Gallery

Looking at the photos you can see an Axanthic Zebra Jaguar Carpet Python on the left, followed by a regular Axanthic and the famous Axanthic Super Zebra. On the last picture and on top of this page you can see two perfect examples of Axanthic Jaguar Carpet Pythons. StarPythons always as a variety of beautiful Axanthic Carpet Pythons for sale.

Axanthic Carpet Pythons, het Axanthic and Combos:

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