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Morelia spilota spilota - Diamond Python

Morelia spilota spilota - Diamond Python

Morelia spilota spilota, commonly known as the Diamond Python, inhabit the east coast of Australia between the north-eastern corner of Victoria and an area approximately 185 miles north of Sydney. In this wooded and bouldery habitat, the Diamond Python is the southermost living Python in the world. Given that they can be found in densely populated areas around Sydney, they also live in and around buildings like summerhouses or garrets. It´s not unusual to discover a Diamond Python in the backyard!

There are two variations of Diamond Pythons. The spots and marks on the primary black corpus can be yellow or white. With an average size of 7ft and their calm temperament they are easy to handle and therefore very popular snakes in captivity. Due to the different and sometimes challenging husbandry conditions, it´s not necessarily suitable for beginners.

Working with three pairs of nice black and white specimens, we usually have stome stunning Diamond Pythons available. Check it out!

How we keep our Diamond Pythons:


Daytime Temperature 78° - 82° F
Spot / Heat Mat 95° - 100° F
Nighttime Temperature 68° - 71° F
Humidity 65%


Daytime Temperature 75° - 79° F
Spot / Heat Mat 88° - 93° F
Nighttime Temperature 55° - 64° F
Humidity 65%

Please make sure to adjust the temperatures slowly!

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