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Morelia spilota variegata - Darwin Carpet Python

Morelia spilota variegata - Darwin Carpet Python

Darwin Carpet Pythons, Morelia spilota variegata, inhabit the northern coast of Australia between the Kimberley in the west and the Cape York peninsula in the east. The Tanami Desert constitutes the southern border for this subspecies. Their habitat is quite versatile and consists of mountainsides and gorges, but also woodland and savanna.

With an average size of only 5.9ft and their stunning orange and red-brown colors, disrupted by light-brown to beige bands with black outlines, Darwin Carpet Python are very popular pet snakes.

Usually we have some nice Darwin Carpet Pythons available. Please have a look at our offspring! We also work with outstanding lineages like pure Darwin Albinos and if you are lucky we have a pair available for you!

How we keep our Darwin Carpet Pythons:


Daytime Temperature 80° - 82° F
Spot / Heat Mat 95° - 100° F
Nighttime Temperature 73° - 77° F
Humidity 65%


Daytime Temperature 77° - 80° F
Spot / Heat Mat 88° - 93° F
Nighttime Temperature 68° - 73° F
Humidity 65%

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