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Carpet Pythons "Made In Germany" - Whats does that stand for?
StarPythons is a German company, founded in 2007, that breeds high quality Carpet Pythons using German standarts. But what does that mean when it comes to Carpet Pythons and not cars? In Germany there are very many laws regulating animal welfare. If you want to breed Carpet Pythons in Germany, you´ll need to work with your local authorities closely. They have to give you a permission to breed reptiles. To get this permission you´ll need to respect all requirements listed in the animal welfare act. We need to:

- have a cage, big enough for every individual Carpet Python, racks are not allowed
- check and journalize all parameters like temperature, humidity and light daily
- clean the cages daily, change water daily
- check animals state of health daily

Furthermore we have to:

- employ qualified zookeepers, certified by the Federal Republic of Germany, who worked in that job for at least 3 years
- have a veterenarian that is a medical specialst for reptiles

What does that mean for you as a StarPythons customer?
When you buy a Carpet Python, bred by StarPythons, you can be 100% sure that your animal is healthy and that you´ll get the best quality possible!


Certificate Of Origin - Our Genetic Guarantee!
If you buy any of our Carpet Pythons, you´ll get a Certificate Of Origin. This certificate will include all the details about your new snake, the genetics, infos about the parents of your snake, and especially the official CITES number of the US Fish and Wildlife Service. This gives you proof that your snake is 100% legally imported from one of the best sources worldwide. Authorities will notice "StarPythons" and will know about our standarts. All genetics are guaranteed and signed genetic documentation with a photo ID of the snake will be included with every purchase.


Do we have pics of the parents?
Of course we do! Starting with all 2015 Carpet Pythons we will add the pics of each snakes parents to the Carpet Python itself. Simply load the Carpet Python you are looking for and check the different pics provided. You´ll see the parents right there!

StarPythons Health Guarantee - What is that?
All snakes purchased from StarPythons are guaranteed healthy and always represented honestly to the best of our ability, and all StarPythons snakes are guaranteed eating in our care. Please read our Terms and Conditions for details!

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